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The help of a general contractor

General contractors are an invaluable member of your home maintenance and repair team. General contractors have a vast amount of knowledge and know-how stocked away and know how to solve many of the issues that you may have around your home. I was trying to renovate my living room, and I just couldn't come up with a storage solution that wouldn't look intrusive and take over the space. My contractor came up with an awesome solution that fits perfectly into the space and stores everything that I need it to. Find out more ways that a general contractor can assist you in your home.


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Cool Down The Bill: How To Keep Heating Costs Low, Even In The Winter

The holiday season is filled with a lot of positive things -- delicious cakes and candies, big family feasts, and, of course, presents for the old and the young. Unfortunately, however, with the holiday season comes cold weather, and with cold weather comes your electric bill spiking way above what it is normally. But you don't have to rely on the coal in your stocking to provide its meager warmth for the house -- in fact, you can actually cut your electric bill this winter. If you're looking for ideas to save on heating, then here are a few for those who made the nice list.

Invest in Wood

Yes, it's completely inefficient to attempt to heat your house solely through your tiny, decorative, wood-burning chimney -- but that doesn't mean you should write off wood entirely. Using a wood-burning furnace is a good way to cut down on your heating bills, even if you use it in conjunction with electric heat.

A 2013 estimate showed that burning wood rather than relying only on your electric services to heat the house can result in a $200 savings -- and that's if you have to pay for the wood consistently. If you can cut down your own wood or have a cheap source (such as a family member or friend), the savings could be even more.

Readjust Your Thermostat

Just because you've always done something doesn't mean it's best to do it that way -- but most people fall into the trap of picking a temperature to heat the house to and sticking to it for years upon years. If you always hang around 74 in the winter, take a step back and think: can you survive on 71 degrees? How about 69? You save about 2% on your bill for every degree you adjust, so it might be best to take it down a few degrees and reach for your sweater if you're still chilly.

Purchase a Heat Lamp

If the idea of wandering around your house in slippers and a robe doesn't seem appealing, however, don't think you have to pay hundreds upon hundreds of dollars each month for as long as Jack Frost keeps putting his nose to your windows. In order to create a bubble of wonderful, indulgent warmth without heating your whole house (and paying the consequences later), invest in a heat lamp.

These lamps (most of which look like fans) will keep the area they're pointed at warm but not waste energy -- and money -- on places you're not occupying. And when you move to a different location? Unplug the lamp and bring it with your for instant warmth in your new spot.

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