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General contractors are an invaluable member of your home maintenance and repair team. General contractors have a vast amount of knowledge and know-how stocked away and know how to solve many of the issues that you may have around your home. I was trying to renovate my living room, and I just couldn't come up with a storage solution that wouldn't look intrusive and take over the space. My contractor came up with an awesome solution that fits perfectly into the space and stores everything that I need it to. Find out more ways that a general contractor can assist you in your home.


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2 Signs Your Business Building's Plumbing Needs Immediate Professional Attention

When you own a commercial building, you are responsible for making sure that all of the intricate parts of the structure are in good condition. As part of these responsibilities, you need to ensure that the plumbing is in optimal working order. Below are a couple of signs for which you should be on the lookout that indicate a serious issue with the plumbing that needs immediate professional attention.

1.  Water Pressure in the Building Decreases Dramatically

One sign that there is a serious issue with your business building's plumbing is when you notice a dramatic decrease in the water pressure. This decrease may be in only part of the building or may encompass the entire structure.

If the building is suffering from low water pressure, there are a couple of possible causes of the problem. First, the main water supply line may be partially blocked or damaged, creating a decreased supply of water that ever reaches the building's pipes.

Second, there could be a large, hidden leak somewhere inside of the building. If this leak is not found and repaired, you will not only face a large water bill in the upcoming month, but there will be water damage that could come with expensive repairs.

2.  Foul Odor Permeates the Building

Another sign that there is a serious plumbing problem in your business's building that needs to be addressed by a professional as soon as possible is when a foul odor starts to permeate the building. Not only does this odor make your business smell like a sewer, but you and/or other people in the building may also have other symptoms, such as stinging eyes or burning noses.

As part of the plumbing system, there is a sewer vent stack that releases methane and other gases that come from the bathrooms. If this vital part of the system becomes blocked, toxic gases will start to build up in the building that will create health issues if not immediately taken care of.

If you suspect that your building has a clogged or broken pipe or believe the sewer vent stack is blocked, there may be a serious issue with the plumbing that needs to be addressed as soon as possible before it gets worse. Contact a contractor near you that offers commercial plumbing services to have them fully inspect the pipes, vents, and drains to determine the cause of the issue so that they may take action to rectify it.